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17 Mar 2019

Text & Translation: Corinna

#Climate Change & Genocide

At first glance, climate change and genocide seem to have nothing in common, but if you combine them with the keywords “scarcity of resources” and “living space”, you get a bigger picture. If one follows the apocalyptic predictions, then the earth will be uninhabitable in a relatively short time. But even the more conservative studies predict that millions of people will be affected by global warming. Climate protection will thus become one of the greatest challenges facing humanity – especially in relation to genocide.

Photo: Shever/www.flickr.com/Creative Commons

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28 Sep 2017

Text: Corinna / Translation: Miriam & Daniel

#Torture – Perversion at its best

In terms of absolute taboos, torture comes a close second only to genocide.[1] It is a crime against humanity with the sole purpose of deliberately and systematically putting another person through as much pain as possible. The consequences don’t only affect the victims and their families, but society as a whole. Torture is one of the most violent attacks on human dignity and human rights in general. It is therefore officially prohibited according to various national and international conventions and agreements and cannot be ignored, even in the extremest of situations.

Photo: koeb/www.flickr.com/Creative Commons

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18 Apr 2017

Text: Corinna / Translation: Miriam & Daniel

April is Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month – when we highlight the events and causes of genocide with the aim to prevent future catastrophes.

Rwanda, Armenia, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur – all of these genocides started during the month of April and, as such, this month is crucial for highlighting the atrocities of genocide and the reasons why it must be prevented.

Photo: z@doune/www.flickr.com/Creative Commons

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22 Jan 2017

Text: Corinna / Translation: Miriam & Daniel

#Genocide denial

to deny = to refuse to admit the truth of a concept or proposition that is supported by most scientific or historical evidence (definition: Oxford dictionary)

denial = refusal to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or emotion or to admit it into consciousness; used as a defence mechanism. (definition: Oxford dictionary)

Every genocide is followed by denial. The perpetrators try to cover their tracks and avoid liability. Death camps and records are destroyed, mass graves are filled up and hidden. They try to discretely hide corpses and intimidate eye witnesses.

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30 Oct 2016

Text: Corinna / Translation: Miriam & Daniel

#The 10 Phases of Genocide

Genocide is not the predictable end product of a clearly worked out plan but a contingent outcome of a complex set of social and political process.”1

A genocide doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that consists of several phases. These phases are predictable but not unstoppable. Measures to prevent the spread of a genocide can be taken at any given point in time.

Even though this article contains a list of 10 phases, there is not always a linear progression between them; some phases overlap and the transitions between them are often fluent.

The following text has been adapted from the work of the president of Genocide Watch, Gregory H. Stanton.

KZ Sachsenhausenphoto: Corinna

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