4 May 2019

Text & Translation: Corinna

#East Timor – the bloody road to independence

East Timor, also called Timor Leste, is part of a small island in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by Australia and Indonesia. And if you allow yourself a short trip there by Google Maps, you first believe to have arrived in paradise with white beaches and turquoise blue water. But the small country has a terrible story to tell, because the road to independence was long and bloody.

OsttimorPhoto: yeowatzup/www.flickr.com/Creative Commons

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19 Feb 2017

Text: Corinna / Translation: Miriam & Daniel

#Colonial power meets Aboriginal People

In 1788, the first fleet of British convicts reached the Australian continent under the command of King George III. The British called Australia ‘Terra Nullius’ (‘land belonging to no one’) and staked their claim over it. However, the continent soon turned out not to be uninhabited – the first settlers came to Northern Australia over 60,000 years ago. Leading up to the British invasion in the 18th century, up to 500 aboriginal tribes with an approximate total of 750,000 people had formed. Each one of these tribes had their own language and traditions.[1]

Photo: CC-Lizenz Wikimedia

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