#Ge·no·zid·blogger e.V.
22 Dec 2016



Corinna is founder, blogger and chair women of #Ge·no·zid·blogger e.V. She graduated in 2012 from Kingston University London and Universitá degli studi di Siena with a Joint European Master of Arts in „Human Rights and Genocide Studies“. Additionally, she received a bachelor’s degree in International Law and Political Science from TU Dresden. Photo: OSCE/Misi Kondella



Janine is vice-chair women and guest blogger. Together with Corinna she studied „Human Rights and Genocide Studies“ and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. Janine sets a high value on education, therefore, she is mainly responsible for our educational concept and materials.



Pia studied sociology and political science in Jena and Berlin. She is advocating for a respectful, open and intercultural society and works currently for a welfare organisation in Germany. Pia has been a blogger here at #Ge·no·zid·blogger e.V. at a regular basis since spring 2017.


Miriam helps us to spread the message of genocide prevention on a more international level. She studied Swedish, Dutch and Icelandic at the University of Cologne and uses her impressive language skills to translate our blog. Together with Daniel she translates our articles into english.


Daniel received his master’s degree in translating and interpreting from the University of Nottingham. He wants to use his massive repertoire of languages (Spanish, French, English, Dutch and German) to support our project with the aim to educate an international audience about human rights and genocide prevention. He helps Miriam with the english version of the blog and Tara with the spanish one.


Daniel is a founding member of #Ge·no·zid·blogger e.V. He is studying to be a mechanical engineer but the cause of genocide prevention is very important to him. Daniel is responsible for our website and oversees all our social media accounts.


Enrico supports us since the very first article! He is in charge of our grammar and spelling department. We are all very thankful for his work!


Do you want to be part of our team and support us with your knowledge and skills? Just drop us a line via Mail to corinna@genozidblogger.de. We are looking forward to hear from you!